So Halloween came and went, pretty uneventful I might add. Which is unfortunate. Had a vistor. Saw inglorious bastards...amazing.

I am listening to the newer sea wolf album, its ok. I love leaves in the river album, probably the best fall album ever.

Being back at the zoo is good, my thesis is chugging. I am going home next week to lock myself in my room and bust it out. I hope you all realize that you will all have to call me master Leigh whence I get it. I am also currently applying to graduate school for my PhD as well in Atlanta and Chicago. But I am not sure if I am going to be able to leave my chimpy chimps....but I want to Dr. Leigh.

Did I tell you how epic Istanbul was. It was. My wanderlust is so insatiable I do not know what to do with myself. I have not traveled since Sept/oct and I am starting to get that twitch like a crack addict or something.

So I may have met the man of my dreams. I am head over heals swooning like a douchey ass kid. Call me if you want the details. I do not know if he likes me, he is hard to read given his country of birth (not US), and he is in Spain right now (no he is not Spanish) doing something REALLY FUCKING EPIC. He is so epic. And he has a PhD and a job that MAY BE COOLER THEN A CHIMP KEEPER. Yeah. You want to call now dont you? But I am trying not to project anythign in the future as nothing has happened but alas I am the eternal optimist. But we may or may not had an 11 hour date. But I guess it could have been just 11 hours of hanging out. NO tongue touching. But now he is far away. And I perhaps blowing this out of proportion. And perhaps talking about it is creating something out of nothing, which means there is something to be ruined. Hmmm. Language.

My stomach is a-grumbling and I have some errands to run before being zoo bound.

Soon to be Master Leigh

Life is good...

So, yeah life is good. I had an amazing experience in Turkey. ITs such a dynamic and interesting country, Istanbul is filled with new smells, colors, religions, sounds, tastes, oh man it was great. It was such a clash of east and west of muslim and christian, it was amazing. The conference was great, the silver foxxx and I had a great time.

I am back now. With no tickets to fly anywhere; which is probably good, I havent stopped moving in a year in a half. And I am back at the zoo researching now. And I start as a keeper 2 days a week next week, and I am sooooo fucking excited to get back in there and work my little butt off. Just two days cause I should be working on my masters thesis full time and I am still getting paid by the EU to do it!! I worked hard at school, but not in the way I work at the zoo. I am so excited.

And I am so happy. Life has treated me well, I cant complain. I like who I have/am becoming as a person. I love chimps, I love that I set my mind to something and I do it. I love that I just up and got a masters in Europe, and I love that I am back with the chimps and everyone at the zoo is happy to have me back. It makes me feel good. I hope this feeling lasts!

Ok I am going to an art auction where they are selling art made by animals to raise money for the American Assosiation of Zookeepers.

Oh and the silver foxxxes friend is a curator at the NATIONAL ART MUSEUM (he is GerMAN) and he and I are going to hangout, I am excited! He seems very smart and fun, and its good to have friends in redick high places like this dude. We are goign to the zoo cause thankfully he does not want to talk about art, and I do not want to hear about art, as I am not big into art! So we are going to talk about animals! WOOT!!!

HOpe all is well me loverlies!

OH AND THE WEATHER IS GREAT HERE, perfect fall. A touch of crispness in the air and the leaves are fiery orange and the candy corn is flowing (what I missed most about being in Europe)..oh and my bday is coming up!

Halo halo halo...

So I cant stop listening to good old Beyonce and her Halo song. Epic.

So life is wonderfully horrible. How, you ask, can such adj describe the same noun, "life"? Well let me enlighten you guys. I just love it here so much, I do not think I have ever been happier then in Berlin, the people, the attitutde the acceptance, the attitude to the enviroment, the respect people have for eachother. Its overwhelming. And there is so much life here. People just know what is important and the appreciate it. They have at least 5 weeks paid vacation, and they enjoy the company of others, their free time, and the finer (yet simple things). While Americans are so in the time is money attitude, And oh man I do not want to get into it here. But if you want to hear about how I feel you can call me in the US next week, as I will be there.

So yeah. Still snuggling with the silver fox. He is coming to Bmore actually to snuggle tough. And then we are goign to meet in Turkey to snuggle. No biggie. He is just a dozen years my senior and entirely too successful, too together, too comprised, and too sexy for me.

I love Germany. I cant imagine my life not here. I love my friends and my family, and I am so exicted to see them and my chimps, but sometimes, well all the time, you got to follow your heart. And my heart is not subtle about how much it does not want to go back. The thought is suffocating. And I am not trying to be all Euro-centric. Cause thats not what it is. Its so different then that. Its just finally fitting. I mean I have fit before, with friend, but this seems so much more hole. I do not know if that makes sense.

I jsut went for a nice walk in the nice air. I bought a small bottle of wine (its like a glass) and just walked around listening to my Genius playlist and drank it (you can do that here). I have so much more cleaning and packing to do. I cant believe how much shit I have!

This weekend the silver fox and I are going out to one of the oldest biergartens, waking up going to this
athy X Appeal - Ganz Gut - Bastardo Four

Chill – Space und Caipibar

Essen und Trinken ohne Ende: Bengalische VoKü mit Jamal. Kaffee und
Kuchen mit Basti und homies

Kinder- Space mit Puppenspieler Tom, Kinderschminken,
Bewegungsbaustelle, Clownerie

umsonst und draußen!
and then!!!

to lange-nacht-der-museen.

with is the long night of museums! Which is when every museum and anything like it stays open all night with special openings, djs, and bbqs. We are going to go to the puppet museum, the planetarium, the insturment museum, the temporary art museum, and a few others, all for 12 euro. Then sunday to the most amazing mauer museum which is OVER THE TOP insane and awesome. Last time I went I saw a man playing the digerdoo and making bubbles, a hipster giving free haircuts, everythign you have ever wanted for sale, an english bloke doing kareokee out of his biek (for at least 100 people), cake, weird juggliers. Then to dinner in a fancy bio german place with the worlds best cheese and wine. I will post pictures.

Oh and I went on the wurst road trip ever. So epic all through the alps of bavaria and austria. And the silver fox and I went on an epic bike trip along the Elbe which involved brats, ferry rides, sore bike bums, sun burns, 80 year old gymnasts (cant explain on here) and the retired german navy singing yellow submarine in in one word it was "perfect".

I should go-a slaaaaaping. AKA listening to Beyonce.

<3 xjes

ps - not wanting to spell check - deal.

Hey oh...

So long time eh? I feel like no one really uses this anymore. Oh well. ITs a form of catharsis for me. I like it. I check it all the time hoping my meager group of friends will update. Oh man, English is so opaque...I do not mean my friends are meager (quite the opposite, they are wonderful), but their posts are what is meager.

Anyway. Life is grand! I am going to see Lucinda Williams, Lambchop, and Calexico with my dreamy silver fox in a few hours. He is snuggly.

I have been invited to attend a workshop in Hannover (no not where pretzels come from, that is HANOVER PA...I asked) on analyzing non human primate vocalizations, so that is reallllly realllly exciting. Because that is what I am doing my thesis on. And its kind of random, because I just emailed this guy in Georgia on a whim about PhD stuff in that field and we sent emails back and forth about the field (I felt smart and grown up) and he seems reallly interested in me and my brain (which is a really nice feeling, cause he really wants my brain, and he was talking about ways "we" can apply for funding so I can go there) and he is FORUITOUSLY going to be giving a workshop on what my thesis is on...NEXT WEEK...IN GERMAY! Weird huh? Fate much!?? So I am going to do that for three days next week.

Then on a weird whim I applied for an internship (which will be for 3-6 months in STOCKHOLM SWEDEN) with eye tracking research. Cause I am really interested in that. And I got an email yesterday saying I got one of TEN interviews. Unfort its on the phone, I was hoping it was a paid trip to Sweden. OH well. I am really excited about it. IT would be ideal cause it would be right after I finish my thesis in Nov for a couple months then I would start my PhD somewhere. I am nervous and excited. I want the internship bad!! It would be sooo valuable, man. And I would travel and do research for them, and it would open all sorts of that is exciting! I mean I guess its nice to just know I have an interview.

So yeah. School is ok, its over in two weeks! I cant believe it!!!!! My grad classes are over in TWO weeks. But I will be missing next week for this workshop and to talk shop with a big name in the field who wants my brains! He teaches in I may be going there, its a really intersting and cool program in cognitive behavioral science with nuerlogical underpinnings. And of course this would be with non invasive primate studies.

So yeah that is what is new with me.

OH I went to Scotland last weekend it was so fun.

And other then that I go to school and go out dancing till 9 in the morning. ITs great I love Europe, well I just love Germany. I do not know how I will ever move back...sigh.

OH and for at MY CWU FRIENDS!!! GUESS WHAT!!!!!! Kyle KNIGHT is in Germany as we speak and he is going to come stay/live with me for a bit. I have not seen nor spoken to him in years, but I myspaced him (who uses that?) "where you been all my life?" he replied that he was randomly flying to Europe for a few months and I should go and meet him over there, and I was like WTF I live IN BERLIN, and he was likE I AM FLYING to BERLIN. So we are going to have so much fun.

Guess what else rules????? I am going to a city on the beach in Turkey for conference via the EU in Sept till OCtober. ITs in a pimp hotel on the beach with a pool with a slide, and the EU is paying for my hotel, my food, and (brace yourself) all DRINKS ALCOHOLIC AND NON!!! Can you belive that?? ON the Mediterranean Sea!! And then the silver fox is going to come after the conference and we are going to enjoy the sun...perhaps Greek island hoping???

How are you guys if you check this anymore??????????

Le sigh...

Europe rules, and in other words...I wrote my idol about doing a phd with her. I also asked her if she did any work with eye tracking and if she was looking for phd students blabalbhalbhalbh...and it was really out of the blue cause I did not think that eye tracking was being done with non human primates. But they I am taking an eye tracking course in Germany and they ahve a really nice new systems where the calibration is really easy and all this kind of stuff, so I just thought I would ask if it was being done (cause its kind of a logical next step), and how I thought it was a fruitful field.and here is what she wrote back...

"I will reply in more detail later as I am preparing for an important site visit this week. I am very interested in working with eye-tracking as a measure of language comprehension -- it has immense potential and I am very glad you wrote."

SHE IS VERY GLAD I WROTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Accidental date...

so I went on an accidental date last night. YOu know when you think yorue going to hangout and the other person thinks its a date...or vice versa. IT was actually quite nice! Haha. The silver fox and I are good, but we have never talked about what we are or where we stand or anything like that, and I do not know what I want so I do not think its a big deal. And I am not sure actually what he thinks about me other then he thinks I am he keeps going away on business so I am not sure.

But anyway. It was with this cute Chilean POLAR SCIENTIST!! Yeah he is an Antarctic explorer!! Is that not cool? He has be to Antarctica several times, and he is getting his PhD here in Berlin. And he is very nice and sweet and has a cute accent. But anyway I went over and he made me Chilean food and had Chilean wine and we watched a movie and then we made out. Ha...he was a reallly good kisser...I did not let it go beyond that, but we did snuggle.

But that being said I think he really likes me, you know how you can tell just by the way someone looks at you and touches you? He is nice and sweet and fun and smart but I do not think that spark is there for me. And as I began to realize it was a date I thought maybe I should stop this cause I do not want to give this dude the wrong impression...but then he get me a little tipsy and there was chocolate so I had to stick it out.

But I guess onlly time will tell...perhaps he is just a Latin lover and he does not really like me as I think he does?!

Who knows?

OH man my parents are coming in ten days with my sister Anne. And I am excited it will be fun and we are going to Prague and I am egggggggcited!! I do not know if I should introduce them to the silver fox? I probably will.

Speaking of silver fox introductions...he invited me to meet his ex girlfriend who is coming from Hungary for a visit (and is staying with him, which I really do not care about) to go kayaking. And I am not sure if I want to go on a double date. I do not mind meetin her, I do not think its a big deal but I do not knwo if I want to go kayaking with them, adn I do not know where he and I stand or what he told her about me or if he will hold my hand or anything like that? She is apparently really really beautiful and their sex was great, and it was his proudest (and I think longest) relationship to date. I think it is more intense then meeting the parents. SO I am not sure what I am going to do?

Ok I should go and get ready for the day.


Here are a few things that have been on my mind...
1. Scheiße (best word ever)
2. Godverdomme (second best word ever)
3. What can I do that will allow me to live in Berlin forever?
4. Why is the best conference ever happening in Berlin right now that allows me to see some of my favorite idealised priamtologists ever...FOR FREE???
5. Why are silver foxes so sexy?
6. Lekker(in dutch)/Lecker (in German)...third best word(s) ever...though Lekker means so much more the Lecker.
7. Why does life just come together? It was falling apart for so long...I mean latter part of Baltimore, the Netherlands was cool (but in a bad way), Finland was rock bottom, and Berlin is like a dream I created of my idealized world.

I guess this is growing up right? I honestly can say I have a completely new view of the a good way. And I love the way my brain sees the world now.

Did you know Germans caps ever noun?? Amazing.

Oh and this conference is at a unversity that was in East Berlin and the main dude started going to Uni there before the wall and he told a crazy story about what you had to do as a student to learn non idealized Nazi dogmas. It was really intense... and right next store to the room is an amazing memorial of where the students and professors burned all the books in the library (cause they contained Western inspired books) that can be overseen through the stained glass windows of the library that are of Stalin (yeah stalin stained glass..still there today). Its amazing...and I do not mean that in a good way. Just in a different way. History is so omnipresent. I do not know how I will be able to live in the US again.

Ok I should go. Chairmen Meow is all up in my grizzle for some attention.

Leigh Loves Life...

So Berlin is wonderful. Everything about it. THe air, the weather, the people, the food, everything. And the weight of history, you can feel it and see it. ITs so interesting and you read about history and then to feel it, its so different. WWII is such a part of this city and the people and its so different. The juxtaposition of modern technology and crumbling buildings from the war...its I do not know...word cant describe. Its such a wonderful city.

I just had some friends from the Netherlands and we had a very chill weekend of picnicing in front of beautiful palaces. This city is so beautiful. I meet some Italians on the Sbahn and they kept saying how it was like Rome here in Berlin. And it really is just phenomenal here. Oh I love it. And the weather. After a winter of -30 with 3 hours of Finnish sun, its just so much more valuable. And its cheap here.

Ok I am just ranting now. But I am so happy to be here, and to be in this program.

And the 36 year old silver fox is great. I am enjoying life and I have been feeling really grown up lately and its not scary, its nice. I am not sure what will happen or where it will go, and I do not really care at this point. I am just enjoying every second of my life here, and that is all that anyone could ask for right? Right!!!!

Come visit. My three Dutch friends have all told me how they now want to move to Berlin because of the three day weekend here (and if you know anything about the Dutch/German relations and history that is a VERY crazy thing to hear coming from their mouths).

I hope you all had a great easter.
I will post pictures soon.


So I sort of met a guy.

He is dreamy.

He is a silver fox.

and a wee bit older then me (11 years).
Umm...and he is kind of...uhahhh ummm a hmmm politician.

Yeah. I have a date with a 36 year old grey haired politician.
Yes what do we have in common?? Are fart jokes out of the question?

Umm...but we have been emailing before the big date and he knows berlin and sends me scavenger hunt postcards of things to find in berlin. Its really cute.

He is really smart and challenges me. Its nice. I do not feel liek I have dated anyone mature in a long time, let alone someone with their shit together.

I am nervous.

He invited me on a picnic. What should I bring?

Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin

Berlin is by far the most amazing city ever.

Words cant describe how much I love it.

My flat is absolutely amazing, I mean so so so sooo amazing.

Please if you know what is good for you get your ass over here.

And do not be surprised if I live in Berlin for the rest of my life.

I do not mean to be a prick, but I am sorry that you are not in Berlin.